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India represents a huge untapped middle class market……. The market is complex…….From a consumer market perspective, there is no single India. There are the very rich. Then there is the aspiring middle class, the self-employed India, The agriculture-dependent subsistent farmers , The urban poor & The rural poor. They all have different approaches to consumption. They construct their consumption basket in distinctly different ways. So firms are better off in creating their ‘own India’ that they want to serve.
India is like a kaleidoscope. Every time you turn it, you get a different perspective enticing, different, and ‘real’. The basic requirement for understanding Consumer India is to recognize that there are no simple algorithms to segment it. (C K Prahlad in his forward for the book – ‘We are like that only’)
IMAS, a full service research & information enterprise, help you to understand Indian markets & consumers better

Rural India has huge potential but underserved

Rural India is not poor; nor is it totally agriculture-dependent. This is an important insight. Rural India represents 50 per cent of India’s GDP (but 70 per cent of its people) and 50 per cent of rural GDP is non-agricultural: it comes from the self-employed in all kinds of services. Although they are rural, they are not very different in their aspirations from the urban consumers. They like two-wheelers, FMCG products, jeans and cell phones. They have their own logic for consumption.

From information to insight, IMAS, a full service research & information enterprise, help you to understand rural markets & consumers better

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