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India represents a huge untapped middle class market…….The market is complex…….From a consumer market perspective, there is no single India. There are the very rich.Then there is the aspiring middle class, the self-employed India, The agriculture-dependent subsistent farmers , The urban poor & The rural poor. They all have different approaches to consumption. They construct their consumption basket in distinctly different ways………..Read more

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IMAS, A full service research & information enterprise, help you to understand rural markets & consumers better
IMAS is full service marketing research & information enterprise founded in year 2000 by a team of experienced professionals ………Read more

Rural India has huge potential but underserved

Rural India is not poor; nor is it totally agriculture-dependent. This is an important insight. Rural India represents 50 per cent of India’s GDP (but 70 per cent of its people) and 50 per cent of rural GDP is non-agricultural: it comes from the self-employed in all kinds of services. Although they are rural, they are not very different in their aspirations from the urban consumers.They like two-wheelers, FMCG products, jeans and cell phones. They have their own logic for consumption.